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Hi! I'm Cheryl Fistick, and the horse you see with me in the top left is my retired Standardbred racehorse,  Mrs. James Bond. Mrs. J is only 9 years old, but she was not fast enough to compete, and she was on her way to a cruel life as an Amish carriage horse when I stopped the sale and bought her myself. The 3 cats you see to the left are Muffin,(top of couch) Rascal,(tiger kitten) and Thomas(black one hiding beside me). Muffin passed away from kidney failure in Sept. 2009. We also rescued Pumpkin and Sunshine, 2 kittens, from a feral cat colony.

February 2014 Little Blackie came to live with us. He is the cutest little pony, about 30 years old. He is a perfect gentleman, and has been making a good companion for Mrs. J.

All of my animals have either been rescued from horrible situations or adopted from people who could no longer care for them. 

I started the Critter Sitter in 2007. I grew up on a dairy farm, as a horse crazy girl I immersed myself in 4-H horse programs, and showed successfully in junior shows for many years. I'm more interested in caring for and rehabilitating horses now. 

So feel free to contact me- we'll talk - I'm sure whatever animals you own, we will find much to laugh and compare notes over!Laughing

Dancer Prancer passed away May 2011


Mrs. James Bond
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